TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu said that TDP was a secular party having a track record of giving equal protection to temples, churches and masjids with equal importance during its regimes.

Babu criticised the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy that he was not condemning the ongoing attacks on temples, Dalits, BCs and Minorities with an ulterior motive and vote bank politics. He criticised the policies and raised objections on failures of the State government, while addressing a party meeting with senior leaders of all 175 Assembly constituencies, on Tuesday.

Naidu deplored that for the last 100 days, many untoward incidents were taking place at different temples in the State. The Chief Minister did not bother to visit one single temple and failed to give a strong warning to the perpetrators of these crimes.

He recalled how the Chief Minister enacted a drama of having converted to Hinduism prior to the 2019 election but after coming to power, he took his swearing-in oath with the Bible by his side. All these theatrics were only aimed at preserving his vote banks while the fact was that the CM had no faith in any religion, Naidu criticised.

The TDP chief asserted that whatever religion he may follow, a Chief Minister should treat devotees of all religions with equality and justice. It would be the sole duty of the Government to protect all places of worship with equal priority.

Naidu said that the YSRCP became known as a party of frauds and fakes with its leaders being experts in black mailing, manipulations and mafia activities. The evil-minded YSRCP leaders were only spreading misinformation campaigns on TDP projects with a plan to destroy Amaravati Capital city.

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