Even as people around the globe are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic, American business magnate and philanthropist, Bill Gates is of the opinion that the vaccine should come early next year.

Speaking at a virtual business summit, Gates mentioned that six companies are in the race for developing the ‘gold standard’ regulated-vaccine and out of that three to four have shown safety and efficacy in their trials. He also mentioned that the four companies– AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax and Sanofi– have the potential to make the vaccine at large scale and low cost.

“As a foundation we are collaborating with Indian companies in order to get the vaccine deployed in the country as soon as they are ready. As soon as the European and the US regulators show us evidence, we will go full speed ahead and are hopeful that it should all come together by early next year.

I really hope that the vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca works out as it will get going for people in India and other developing countries and should be available, if everything goes as per plan, by the first half of next year,” Gates informed.

The co-founder of Microsoft Corporation also mentioned that India’s response to the pandemic in certain areas has been good even though the country faces the problem of density of population, small houses that restrict people to stay at home and jobs which can’t be done remotely. He also mentioned that such a pandemic is a huge challenge for a middle-income country like India.

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