The committee decided to conduct a thorough investigation into the land complaints file by Freedom Fighters and ex-servicemen and do appropriate justice. The cabinet sub-committee decided to study the complaints filed in Spandana program for a month to find out the field level issues.

The meeting of the cabinet Sub-Committee on Revenue Land Reforms was held on Thursday. Deputy CM Dharmana Krishnadas, Ministers Kursala Kannababu and Anil Kumar Yadav, CCLA Neerab Kumar and Revenue Secretary Usha Rani were present at the meeting.

There was a lengthy discussion on current revenue related issues in the state. The Cabinet sub-committee met to give suggestions acceptable to all to alleviate the problems by scrutinise land records.

The discussion was aimed at facilitating revenue services to the people, comprehensive survey, proper land records scrutiny and reference. The committee decided to study the lands under 22A and discussed on estate, Inam lands discussed at length.

The meeting was convened for a review on the issue of conversion of agricultural lands into plots with a nominal fee of amasing crores of money.

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