The two most beautiful women and fitness enthusiasts of Tollywood, Samantha Akkineni and Upasana Kamineni have joined forces for a special initiative, which is to encourage women about fitness.  Besides encouraging sustainability through her organic farming initiatives, vegan food and lifestyle, Samantha preached about fitness, diet, healthy food in this latest video released on Upasana’s YouTube channel.

Samantha Akkineni revealed her workout mantra and talked about how consistency is important than perfection in the gym. “Workout makes me happy. I don’t do it anymore to see physical changes as it releases all my happy hormones every time I hit the gym.  I actually get sad when I don’t work out (sic.)” Opening up on preferring weights to cardio, she said, “I started off because I was very petite during that time and wanted to look a little broader.  Like they say the grass is always green on the other side, when you’re too small you want to look a bit bigger and when become a little healthy, you want to look thin.  That’s how it started and gradually, it made me feel powerful and strong wanting to hit the gym and pushing a little harder by adding another 2.5 KG weight.  So it’s high of getting stronger every day (sic.)”

Samantha looks stunning in the black sports bra, leggings and complemented it with a metallic bomber jacket and white sneakers.  Her toned figure and washboard abs will make you want to hit the gym right away.Telugu FIlmnagar

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