Hyderabad: From dreaming about settling abroad with the man, she had left her family for, and slowly convincing her parents that she had chosen the right person, life has turned upside down for Avanthi Reddy, with the 24-year-old struggling to come to terms with the fact that Hemanth Kumar, with whom she had lived for just over three months, is not alive anymore.

More painful is the fact that he was tied up and taken away right in front of her, with no one coming to their rescue even as she screamed for help.

The couple, who were from the same neighbourhood in Chandanagar, fell in love over four years ago and got married on June 11 at the Sub-Registrar Office in Quthbullapur against the wishes of her parents Laxma Reddy and Archana. Since their marriage, Avanthi and Hemanth (26) were staying in TNGO’s Colony in Gachibowli and Avanthi was regularly in contact with her uncles and other relatives.

“My uncles and aunties talked to me over phone several times in the last four months saying that everything was fine. They welcomed me back home and assured us that everything would be fine,” a sobbing Avanthi told reporters as she waited for Hemanth’s body at the Osmania General Hospital morgue on Friday morning.

“I knew they had not completely accepted Hemanth, but was still hoping they would not harm us and accept our relationship once we were settled. We were planning to go and work abroad and were preparing all the necessary documents. I was hoping that they would be convinced that my decision to get married to Hemanth was right once we are in a good position,” she said.

About four days ago, Vijayender Reddy, Avanthi’s elder maternal uncle had come to the couple’s house allegedly on the pretext of a casual visit. “He walked into the house and looked around suspiciously. He also observed the surroundings, but I did not think much of it,” she said, adding that on Thursday around 3 pm, about 10 persons including Vijayender Reddy and Yugender Reddy, her younger maternal uncle came and forcibly took them in a car.

When they reached the Outer Ring Road, instead of going towards Chandanagar, they drove the car towards Sangareddy.

“We raised an alarm and tried to escape, but they overpowered us. All through this, my father was in touch with my uncles. We managed to jump out of the car near Gopanpally and I started shouting for help, but though there were around 50 locals, nobody came to our rescue,” Avanthi said, adding that by then, Hemanth was held down and tied up by Yugender Reddy and two others and taken away in another car.

The Cyberabad Police said Hemanth is suspected to have been hit multiple times all over his body before being strangulated to death. His body was then dumped in an open area in Kishtaiahguda in Sangareddy.

“They killled my son over caste”

Hyderabad: Hemanth Kumar’s parents alleged that Avanthi Reddy’s father Laxma Reddy and her family members had threatened the couple several times earlier. However, the issue was sorted out and a compromise was worked out between the both families by the police.

“Avanthi’s parents had not approved their relationship due to caste differences. Apart from this, we are a middle class family having no property or even a house of our own,” said Murali Krishna, Hemanth’s father.

Hemanth’s family had agreed to their love marriage and the couple subsequently eloped and got married. “We received threats from her family earlier too, but did not expect they would seek revenge by killing my son so brutally. We had recently worked out a compromise too,” Murali Krishna said, adding that he wanted the killers to be punished severely.

Hemanth’s mother Rani alleged that her son was killed due to caste differences between the families. While Avanthi belongs to Reddy community, Hemanth belonged to Arya Vysya community. Soon after they got married, Avanthi had informed her father that she did not need her share in her parents’ property and returned it.

“Hemanth was closer to me than his younger brother. If he was in the house, he would be around me all the time. We looked after Avanthi like a daughter,” said Rani.

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