Anasuya became the first anchor to showcase glamour even on a TV show. Soon, the show became unwatchable for children. Anasuya’s skin show and double meaning dialogues by contestants became the only promotional content for the comedy show.

Soon, Rashmi Gautam took over the show as an anchor, after Anasuya left the show citing personal reasons. Surprisingly, there was no gap between the demand and supply of glamour.

Rashmi Gautam too did her best and was seen mostly in a skin-show friendly attire throughout many episodes. Things did go overboard at times. Searches for Rashmi Gautam and Anasuya mostly point out towards their dressing sense in the Jabardasth show.

Two of the biggest anchors in Telugu TV industry came together for the first time ever and their new found ‘friendship’ has already got people talking. We are talking about Anasuya and Rashmi, who have so far, interestingly, never worked together

. While it’s a known fact that it was Rashmi who replaced Anasuya on the hit comedy show, Jabardasth, Anasuya went on to host several other shows and she’s quite a busy bee these days. Recently, Rashmi took part in an adventure reality show, “One”, which is hosted by Anasuya and Chanti.

And the two pretty anchors took this opportunity to pose for a selfie and bond with each other. Will this be the beginning of a new found friendship between the two anchors? Let’s wait and watch.

Rashmi Gautam outclasses both Sreemukhi and Anasuya when it comes films. Even Rashmi Gautham is famous for her glamour and skin-show. But the actress did manage to grab some good offers in recent times.

She can be the second fiddle to the heroines in movies.

Conclusion: From the times of Jhansi, Udayabhanu, and Suma, things have moved on to Anasuya, Sreemukhi and Rashmi Gautam. The first three were known for their anchoring skills, their ability to enthrall the audience and for their sense of humor. Likewise, the latter three are known for their skin-show, double meaning dialogues and over-the-board controversies!

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