In the wake of Covid cases showing a decline that reflects a drastic drop in infectivity rate, its now time for the city’s IT corridors to unlock and resume their usual buzz.

The Health Department has in fact urged the IT and ITES sector in Madhapur, Hitec City and Gachibowli to reopen their offices and resume normal services, albeit strictly adhering to the prescribed Covid safety guidelines.

The Covid-19 pandemic had forced almost all the major companies in the IT corridor to direct their employees to work from home, which has impacted commercial activity in the entire region.

Although, in the last few months instances of Covd-19 infections in the region have come down significantly, the IT companies are still shy to resume normal services, affecting the livelihood of organised and unorganised sectors in the area.

“On behalf of the Health Department, we are assuring the IT and ITES companies in Hitec City that all possible containment strategies have been taken to check Covid-19 infections in Telangana. We must acknowledge the fact that livelihood of lakhs of people and their families depend on restoration of normalcy in Hitec City,” Director of Public Health (DPH), Dr. G Srinivasa Rao said here on Tuesday.

Senior public health officials while interacting with press persons made it clear that restoring normalcy in the IT corridor could be achieved if companies implement strict safety guidelines.

“There are enough safety guidelines that can be implemented strictly to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2. If these advisories are followed diligently, IT companies can resume their operations at the earliest,” Director of Medical Education (DME), Dr. K Ramesh Reddy, said.

The health officials however, stressed the need for companies not to ‘take their eyes off the ball’.

“We are witnessing resurgence and isolated clusters of Covid-19 in countries such as UK, France and even in States like Delhi and Kerala where people and institutions stop following precautionary measures. As long as precautions are taken and guidelines are followed, we must be able to contain the spread of Covid-19,” Dr.Rao said.

Avoid mass gathering

Drawing attention to the rush to witness the newly inaugurated cable stayed bridge at Hitec City, health officials said that such situations must be avoided at any cost.

“Thousands of people turned-up at the cable bridge to take pictures. We understand the inherent curiosity to witness such a marvelous structure. However, we can’t gather at one place in such large numbers, without even following basic precautions. IT companies and professionals must remember that mass gatherings must be avoided at any cost,” Dr Rao said.

Both the DPH and DME pointed out that offices in almost all the major countries were open during the ongoing pandemic. “The companies ensured precautions such as rotating their employees, extensive usage of masks and adhering to strict social distancing norms,” Dr. Reddy said.

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