Chief Justice Jitendra Kumar Maheshwari said that children are an important asset for the future of the country. He said everyone in the community should focus on the future of orphaned children, according to Juvenile Justice.

He said everyone should have a responsibility towards the future of the children and that the children accused of the crime should not be treated as criminals. He said they were victims and should behave softly with children accused of the crime and understand the mental state of orphaned children and deal with them responsibly.

A state level workshop on Juvenile Justice Law Enforcement was held at the DGP’s office on Thursday. High Court CJ Maheshwari, Justices Vijayalakshmi and Ganga Rao were present at the event, while DGP participated through the Zoom app and briefed on child protection law enforcement and actions to be taken.

Speaking on the occasion, DGP Gautam Sawang said, “We are conducting a two-day workshop on the reasons to address the increase in child offenders in the state and what kind of counseling should be given to them.” Gautam Sawang clarified that protecting street children is part of the duty of the police.

He said Operation Muskan was being conducted jointly with NGOs across the state. Many children are being liberated from the child labour system. He said Balamitra police stations would be set up across the state. “We have discussed many topics in this seminar steps will be taken to resolve every issue discussed,” DGP said.

The DGP said that if lonely, unprotected boys or girls are found, they should first inform the police and report to the details to the police. He asked the people to provide their details through the website The DGP said that the children should not be abused physically.

He said rehabilitation of orphaned children should be done very carefully and governments should set up Child Welfare Committees to provide protection to children. He said they should be given a family atmosphere and juvenile homes should also be located near oldage homes. The Chief Justice said that all those responsible should also take great care in the case of children.

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