Hyderabad: A resident of old city is now demanding compensation of one thousand billion dollars from China and United States for the families of those who lost their dear ones to Covid-19.

Holding the two countries responsible, Rashid Shareef, president of All Telangana Minorities Welfare Association (ATMWA), filed a complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council against US and China apart from WHO, Government of India and Tablighi Jamaat.

In his complaint Rashid Shareef, alleged that China was responsible for the global spread of the coronavirus as several reports indicate the virus ‘escaped’ from a laboratory in Wuhan.

“Due to the negligence of China, the virus spread across the world resulting in loss of lives, economic and humanitarian losses across the globe. I filed a petition demanding compensation of one thousand billion dollars,” Rashid Shareef told Telangana Today.

The 22 page letter was forwarded to the United Nations Human Rights Council and according to Rashid Shareef, was received at the office. “We forwarded the petition through post and email as well. The UNHRC authorities are in touch with us,” he said.

He said the United States President Donald Trump and Government of India were made a party in the case because on an invite of India, the US President had come to India and moved around. “Because of his visit to Gujarat, the virus spread among the gathering,” claimed Rashid Shareef. He also held the Tablighi Jamaat responsible for spread by not adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines in few cities.

The ATMWA demanded a compensation of Rs 2 crore each to the family of the person who died after contracting Covid-19 and Rs 11 lakh for each of the affected person who were hospitalised/treated at home.

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