CM Jagan greeted the students and spoke to them for a while. CM Jagan himself sat on the desks in the classrooms and asked the students about their views on schools. Special school kits are being distributed to students from class one to class 10 in a way that is not available anywhere in the country till now.embarked on another ambitious project in Andhra Pradesh.

CM Jagan inaugurated the ‘Jagananna Vidya Kanuka’ which aims for the education of poor students at Krishna District Kankipada Mandal Punadipadu ZP School on Thursday. The CM, who first inspected the Nadu-Nedu works of the foundation Zilla Parishad High School,

The government has embarked on this innovative program with the aim of significantly increasing the enrollment of children in schools and achieving better results. The kits will be provided to 42,34,322 students in all types of public schools in the state with seven types of items required for their education.

He said that the government is implementing the “Jagananna Vidya Kanuka” with the aim of liberating poor sisters who are struggling to enroll their children in schools, significantly reducing dropouts in schools and paving the way for a golden future for children.

Meanwhile, school kits are being distributed to 42,34,322 students across the state at a cost of about Rs 650 crore. These kits are provided to children in advance so that they can sew uniforms as the schools open. Each student will be provided with a school kit and three masks.

More than 3.13 crore textbooks, over 2.19 crore notebooks, 1.27 crore uniforms (cloths), shoes, socks, belts and different coloured bags for boys and girls will be provided to suit the respective classes. On the other hand, the ruling party MLAs are launching the scheme in their respective constituencies by distributing the kits to the students. This scheme would be a boon which helps the poor to continue their schooling.

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