Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao set an example for all others by enlisting details of his properties at his residence in Yerravelli of Markook mandal of Siddipet District on Saturday, when the village secretary approached him to discharge his duties. The Chief Minister gave all the details of the properties to the government employee in a one-on-one interview in Yerravelli.

P Sidheswar, the village secretary then entered all the details that the Chief Minister gave to him about his residence including the photograph into the Telangana State Non Agriculture Property Book (TSNPB) App . Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that the government is recording details of all fixed assets of all citizens and their families to protect them, and provide security to their properties.

“This is the first ever effort anywhere in the country to register every property in villages and towns of the State. Passbooks will be issued for non-agricultural properties just like the agricultural pass books,” he said. He further said that the initiative of the Telangana government will remain in the annals of the history of the country when it comes to protection of non-agricultural assets.

The Chief Minister called upon all the citizens to come forward and register their assets like he did. Gajwel Area Development Authority (GADA) Special Officer ,Mutyam Reddy was also present.

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