Finance Minister T Harish Rao has challenged the BJP that the Centre was releasing funds towards pension, to come out openly to share details about the exact amount the Union government was giving to Telangana towards pensions every year.

Pointing out that the State government was spending a massive Rs 11,720 crores on pensions annually, the Minister said the State was receiving a meagre Rs 210 crore from the Union government.

Addressing BJP workers who joined the TRS under the leadership of Suresh Rao, a BJP leader from Indupriyal in Doulthabad mandal, Harish Rao said the BJP leadership was making tall claims.

Stating that Opposition parties were trying to stall major projects in Telangana by filing cases in courts, he said it was time for everyone to debate, discuss and understand what exactly the Union government was contributing towards pensions every year.

He said the BJP leaders were shamelessly claiming that the Centre was giving Aasara pensions.

The Minister appealed to the people of Dubbak to vote for TRS candidate Solipeta Sujatha in the by-election, stating that he will take the responsibility of bringing in development to the constituency. He said both the Congress and BJP will forfeit their deposits in the Dubbak by-poll just like they did in the Nizamabad local body MLC election.

Stating that TPCC President N Uttam Kumar Reddy could not even get his party candidate elected in his own Huzurnagar constituency, the senior TRS leader said nobody believed the TPCC president’s words.

While the TRS government introduced a slew of schemes for the welfare of farmers in Telangana, he said the BJP-led Union government, on the other hand, enacted anti-farmers laws in Parliament.

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