Singer and Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar has responded to those who make memes on her and their haters ahead of her reported wedding with Rohan Preet Singh. Neha, who often gets emotional while judging the show and ends up crying, is quite the inspiration of meme makers. With a sizable fan following of her own though, Neha’s memes often has her fans defending her and attacking those sharing them.

However, the new memes take potshots at her for her mushy posts for Rohan Preet. The singer has been using terms such as ‘babu’ and ‘shona’, which resulted in a tweet featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. Neha took it sportingly as she shared it on Instagram and gave her side. Neha addressed the issue and wrote: “For all the meme accounts and their haters too. I have been seeing my memes since so long! I think today I want to say something. So. It’s a request to the people who see memes and get offended. Plz don’t abuse these people, everybody has some job to do in life, which makes them feel complete and if making memes is their job or if making random funny memes gives them Happiness, let them be!”

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